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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


The Help

Due TODAY Tuesday 1/17

WRITING TASK: Skeeter and the Cave

Remember when we wrote about Harrison and Montag and their journey out of the cave? This writing assignment is the same style SO you may want to look back at what you wrote for Harrison and Montag (if you saved it) and use it as a model for this assignment.

Requirements: Word doc, 1" margins, Size 12, Tahoma font, proper heading, 3-4 paragraphs, use proper conventions of English - check your spelling! -----MUST FIT ON A SINGLE PAGE!

TASK: Compare Skeeter’s journey to two or more of the stages of the cave journey. Describe Skeeter’s character, her ordeal (and the risk/danger involved!), her motivations, her beliefs, the hostility she encounters, etc. Make direct references to the FILM. (In the scene where… or Bradbury reveals this in the scene... or Montag exemplifies this...)


Extra Guidance: Think about the man who “escaped” his “cave” and learned new things. He had a message to share with the people still trapped in the cave and felt it was his duty to make them see what he now sees. Now ask…what was Montag's journey? How does it compare to the man’s journey who escaped the cave.

Sample Introduction:

In the film, The Help written and directed by Tate Taylor, the main character, Eugenia “Skeeter” Phalen suffers as a result of her desire and quest for knowledge and the truth. Skeeter's journey can be compared to Plato's Allegory of the Cave and the one man who escaped imprisonment in search of knowledge and truth. Skeeter suffered the same reaction and treatment in her quest for justice.

Very basic example:

Skeeter was considered a bit of an outcast because she refused to be “chained” by the society who put her in the “cave.” She “escaped” imprisonment just like the man in the cave.

Remember all of the details about Skeeter:

-she did not settle for being a housewife and mother like the other girls in Jackson

-she graduated from “Ole Miss” and wanted a career in journalism

-she did not fit the southern debutant mold

-she was not racist

-she believed everyone had a right to speak the truth, no matter their race