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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


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Othello Prereading Questions COPY AND PASTE TO A WORD DOCUMENT & 


1. Who were the Moors?
2. Who were the Venetians?
3. How were the Moors/Venetians regarded in Shakespeare’s day?
4. What were the military duties of ranked officers?
5. What was the military hierarchy?
6. What was the role of women?
7. What was expected of a daughter?
8. What was expected of a bride?
9. What relationships between men and women were considered above reproach?
10. What rules for getting married existed in the 1500’s?
11. What were the rules of courtship?
12. What is meant by a character’s tragic flaw?
13. What was the city of Venice like in 1500-1600?
14. What was the city of Cyprus like in 1500-1600?

Theme #1: Interracial Relationships

15. Society’s perception of interracial relationships is a complicated topic. Why do some people frown upon interracial relationships while others believe in marriage purely based on love and compatibility?

16. Why do some people claim there are challenges that go along with and interracial relationship? What are or could be some of those challenges?

Theme #2: Appearance vs. Reality

17. Can we ever fully know the truth about a person? Explain.

18. Is it possible to know (for sure) if someone is lying to us? Explain.

19. Why do you believe that humans suffer from not being able to judge between truth and deception?

20. Can you think of a time when you truly believed that someone was being honest to you and in the end you realized that this person had deceived you? How did this make you feel? Looking back, were there signs that you missed which could have helped you to realize that this individual was deceiving you?

Theme #3: Jealousy

21. Why do you think that jealousy is such a powerful emotion?

22. How does jealousy cause people to act “out of character”?

23. Can you think of a time when jealousy caused you to act in a manner that you later regretted? Explain this situation and explain how you wished you had handled it differently.