Of Mice and Men 
by John Steinbeck


Guys like us, that work on ranches,


are the loneliest guys in the world. 

They got no family.

They don't belong no place... 

With us it ain't like that.

We got a future. 

We got somebody to talk to 

Somebody that gives damn about us.

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Chapter 1  28:19 min.          1-16                       pdf pages 2-9

Chapter 2  34:58 min.         17-37                      pdf pages 10-19

Chapter 3  48:34 min.         38-65                      pdf pages 20-32

Chapter 4  33:00 min.         66-83                      pdf: pages 33-41

Chapter 5  29:25 min.         84-98                      pdf pages 42-48

Chapter 6  16:28 min.         99-107                    pdf pages 49-53

Full Text Of Mice and Men Annotated/Interactive VERY COOL...VERY HELPFUL!


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Chapter Response Questions:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

 Chapter 6 

Extra Credit: 

Chapter 1 Close Reading w/Questions  <--open and "save as" your copy

Chapter 1 Close Reading Audio (5 min.)

*Sorry about the harmonica…it will fade.

Assignment Documents:

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Pre-Reading Research Questions



Book Cover Art: Inference

Friendship Writing Prompts

  • Friendship Qualities 
  • Unlikely Friendships                                                                     
  • Friendship Has No Boundaries 

PreReading Articles: Submit MC Questions 1 & 2 ONLY for each article.

Article 1: Harvest Gypsies


Pre-Reading Research


The Great Depression ~ The Dust Bowl ~ Migrant Workers of the 1930’s



Be thorough---there will be an open notes quiz on the information you are searching for today.

 1. America In The 1930s:  What were 3 important things that happened in US politics and world events?


 2. The Crash of 1929: Any study of the Great Depression has to start with the economy. List 5 facts about the crash. Think “credit” as in line of credit or credit card.  When did stores start using credit? What were other causes of the Great Depression?

3. Dust Bowl Years—Who are they and why are these names important?

Herbert Hoover?

Franklin D. Roosevelt? 

Eleanor Roosevelt?

4. What is Black Tuesday, Dust Pneumonia, Okievilles and Hoovervilles.    (Google them!!)

Black Tuesday-

Dust Pneumonia-



5. What is the New Deal?

6. What is  Social Security? Who started it and why?

 7. What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and what purpose does it serve?

8. Why was life so difficult for the 1930’s migrant workers in the Midwest and California?

9. Find a SalinasCalifornia on a map where John Steinbeck grew up. GOOGLE MAPS! 

Salinas is located ________ miles northeast of the Monterey peninsula.

Salinas is located ____miles south of San Francisco known as the City on the Bay.

Salinas is located approx. _________miles northwest of the Gabilan Mountain Range. 

10. What did Salinas look like in the 1930’s?  What kind of jobs were in Salinas during this time? (Google Images will give you an idea)

Biographical Research:  John Steinbeck


1. Who is John Steinbeck?

2. What kind of childhood and upbringing did he have? What was his family like?

3. Where did he grow up?

4. What inspired him to be an author?

5. What is an advocate? What/Who was Steinbeck  an advocate for?

6. What were some common themes/subjects of his novels?

7. When was his first book published?

8. What was the first book he had published?  

9. What kind of life did he live as an adult?

10. When did he die?

                                                     Suggested Sites:

End of April 19 & 20 Assignment

Sample sites:Dust Bowl Video

Stock Market Crash Video

Great Depression Slideshow

Dust Bowl Slideshow

Dust Bowl II

Life in the US During the Great Depression

John Steinbeck Biography Website


Biography Base



While We Read Of Mice and Men

Copy and paste these questions to a word document OR number 1-12 in the blank space in the back of your review guide and write just the answers.

1. Looking back on the literature we have read this year, which character interests you most?

2. Which piece of literature is your character from?

3.Who is the author of that piece of literature?

4.What is the genre? (short story, novel, play, poem, etc.)

5.What is that novel/play/story mainly about? (write a 25 word or less summary)

6.Physically describe your character.

7.Give 5 words (traits) that would best describe your character.

8.How does the author  show the reader each of these traits?

9.What are some things your character might say?

10.What might other characters say about your character?

11.What are some specific ways your character behaves? (How do they act? What do they do?)

12. Is your character the protagonist, antagonist, or secondary character?

Test Yourself!

Copy and Paste the Of Mice and Men True/False Quiz below and check your answers in class tomorrow! (or just number your paper 1-31)

Do you second guess yourself when taking a true false test?

Strategy: If you answer FALSE, underline the part of the sentence that makes it FALSE and write the correct answer after!

Ex.  Carlson gossiped about several people on the ranch.  Candy was the gossiper.

1. The boss expected George and Lennie to show up for work earlier than they did.

2. When the boss was interviewing George and Lennie, Lennie followed instructions didn’t say a word.

3. Curley is the boss's son.

4. Curley is a huge, but gentle man.

5. Candy has no respect for Curley's wife.

6. George is afraid that trouble will develop between Curley and Lennie.

7. Slim is sometimes an incompetent, bumbling ranch hand.

8. George treats Curley with respect and politeness.

9. Carlson shoots Candy's dog.

10. Lennie is a small man with sharp features and George is a huge man with sloping shoulders.

11. Slim thinks it's "kinda funny" that George and Candy travel around together.

12. Slim makes Curley agree to say that he got his hand smashed in the door.

13. Lennie realizes the ranch is a “mean” place and wants to leave.
14. George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley.
15. George looks after Lennie because they are cousins.
16. According to Candy, Curley, is a bully who likes to pick fights with men bigger than he is.
17. Lennie likes to kill small animals.
18. Lennie is too frightened to defend himself.
19. Aunt Clara is unable to care for Lennie because of her own mental handicap.

20. Of Mice and Men takes place in Sacramento, California in the 1920’s.

21. The Salinas River is north of Soledad.

22. George and Lennie were physically similar.

23. Lennie called Slim “a crazy bastard"?

24. George allowed Lennie to carry his own work card.

25. George takes a bird away from Lennie.

26. Lennie threatens to go back to Weed if George won’t stop taking his mice from him.

27. Aunt Clara gave Lennie velvet.

28. George thought he could live so easy if he were alone.

29. George and Lennie had to leave Weed because Lennie grabbed a girl’s dress and scared her.

30. George doesn't care if Lennie goes or stays.

31. George has instructed Lennie not to take the pup out of the nest in the barn.