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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


Holocaust Research & Literature Unit

Website Table of Contents

Research Questions Click Here to Copy & Paste

Part 1- Germany Post-World War I

1. What were the social consequences of World War I for Germany?

2. What were the economic consequences of World War I for Germany?

3. What political changes occurred in Germany after World War I?

Part 2- Propaganda

4. What did the Nazis do to any viewpoint they felt threatened by?

5. Who was the Nazi Propaganda Minister?

6. What types of books were burned by the Nazis starting in 1933?

Part 3- Anti-Semitism

7. Define anti-Semitism. Where does the word anti-Semitism come from?

8. What problems have Jews been blamed for throughout history?

9. Why did America not let Jewish refugees into the United States during the 1930s?

10. What did the Nuremberg laws say?

11. What is Kristallnacht? Explain the meaning and key events of Kristallnacht.

12. What happened to Jewish children after the Night of Broken Glass?

Part 4- Pogroms- A History of violence toward Jews

13. Where did the term Pogrom originate?

14. Why these were originally carried out?

15. How did Hitler change the Pogroms?

16. What was the significance of Kristallnacht?

Part 5- Ghettos and the Jewish Resistance

17. What were the Ghettos used for?

18. What was life like for adults in the Ghettos?

19. What was life like for children in the Ghettos? What did they do?

20. Explain what happened during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

21. What was the most successful form of Jewish resistance?

22. What event was known as the largest uprising?

23. What set off this event?

24. Did uprisings occur at the extermination camps? If so which ones?

Part 6- The Camp System

25. List the 6 extermination camps. About how many Jewish people died in the Holocaust?

26. Who were the first people sent to and exterminated in the concentration camps?

27. What other groups of people besides Jews were victims of the Nazi concentration camp system?

28. Why were they put there?

29. What were some of the things done to prisoners in these camps?

30. What types of experiments did Dr. Josef Mengele perform on people? Who were his typical victims?

31. How did people profit from the corpses of the victims?

32. Why was gas chosen as the preferred method to kill people?

33. How many Jews were killed in the concentration camps in Poland alone?

34. Explain the importance of Auschwitz to the Nazis? How many people died at Auschwitz?

35. What were the death marches?

36. Why do you think there were so few successful uprisings in the camps?

37. What happened to half of the survivors of Auschwitz within a few days of being freed?

38. What were the jobs of the Sonderkommando?

Part 7- The Final Solution

39. What was the “Final Solution”?

40. What was the code name for the plan?

41. What three camps were created for this plan?

42. How many Jews were killed in Europe?

Part 8- Einsatzgruppen

43. What was the Einsatzgruppen?

44. Who did they kill?

45. Where did most of their killings take place?

Part 9- War Crimes Trials

46. What were the Nuremberg Trials? What was their point? Who (specifically) was convicted?

47. What country was created in 1948? Why?

Night by Elie Wiesel

Online Novel (full text)

Audiobook by Chapter

Chapter 1

~~~more chapters on their way!

Chapter 1 Part I Pages 3-14 (bottom)

Chapter 1 Part II Pages (bottom) 14-22

Chapter 2 Pages 23-28

Chapter 3 Pages 29-46

Chapter 4 Pages 47-65

Chapter 5 Pages 66-84

Chapter 6 Pages 85-97

Chapter 7 Pages 98-103

Chapter 8 Pages 104-112

Chapter 9 Pages 113-115