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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


READ All ABout It!

Meet Your 2010-2011 Panther Press Editors

Jessica Savarese & April Gabrielli & Ryan Devito Editors-In-Chief

Carolyn Nachman, Managing Editor

Ryan Devito, News Editor

Ali Anglim, Opinions Editor

Samantha Stransky & Samantha Schaefer, Features Editor

April Gabrielli, Photography Editor

Leah Uliano, Health & Fitness Editor

Nicole Guido, Correspondence

September Issue: Pick one and get started!

  • 9/11 Memorial Tribute: Update on WTC site (how odd they excavated an 18th century ship on the site!)
  • Meet the new teachers
  • Fall Sports Rosters
  • Meet the Editors-in-Chief (April, Ryan, and Jessica)
  • Meet the Managing Editors (Ali, Carolyn, Sam, Sam)
  • 2010-11 Student Government - Mr. Skolnick
  • Restaurant Review:Sabai Thai in MP or Kebabalua in PJ
  • MPHS Foreign Exchange Students (list on board)
  • Fall Fashion--- What are the hot new trends for teens? (skin & skimp is out)
  • Horoscopes - Monthly horoscopes only (filler)
  • Movie Review (generation gap flicks)
  • Scholar Athletes (Senior boy & Senior girl)
  • School Store Ad - See Mrs. Kelly
  • FBLA Ad - See Mrs. Sturtz
  • Yearbook Ad ---See _____________ for content

Stay Tuned! Keep Writing!!!

Journalism Fall 2010

Dear Future Journalism Student,

Welcome to Journalism 2010! Our Journalism class will meet 9th period in Room 136 unless otherwise noted.

During the first 10 weeks we will read the eedition of the New York Times daily. You are required to read an article (on your own time) from each section (news, editorial, features, and sports) and select one to summarize in our analytical format. (All analysis handouts are on my website) You will be required to print and read these articles each day as a part of your class participation grade.

In addition to your daily articles, you will be required to complete a Front Page News Quiz as a Do Now each and every day without being reminded. There will also be a weekly article due each Friday of the Semester. These article are based on Lessons from the New York Times in Education Website.

We will also be analyzing styles of Journalism including News, broadcast, Photo, magazine and beat reporting through the use of our textbook and internet articles. During the time we spend in the 136 PC lab, you will be required to analyze editorial cartoons along with the different articles from NYT News, Editorials and Features sections.

As a final project, you will create a portfolio for young Journalists to introduce them to the terminology, used in the industry, how to pinpoint the type of Journalism that best suits you, and you will offer survival tips. You will also be required to catalog the articles you’ve read and written throughout the semester.

In addition to the analytical side of our class curriculum, you will be required to submit one 500-800 word articles for each issue of the KROB Panther Press, printed during the semester.

I will have a syllabus and deadline calendar for you on the first day of school. The Journalism curriculum and the workload require effort, time management, and enthusiasm. You will be required to do a majority of the work on your free time due to the limited time (1/2 year) we have together. Please read through the following assignment description carefully as these assignments require dedication and commitment.

Journalism is 95% individual effort, enthusiasm, and critical thinking. You will have to make the time to seek out the information necessary for your articles and assignments. Please be certain your schedule and course load allows for the time and dedication necessary for a successful experience.

Your first assignment will be to write a review of a movie, book, restaurant, organization, or business in our area. Include at least 3 quotes from people regarding your topic. Use your newspaper or and for samples of how the articles should be written. Your editors will be ready to take these articles from you on September 7th---your first deadline! Every article should be 500-800 words. Please use the inverted pyramid style of writing. If you finish the article before the start of the semester, you may email it to [email protected] .

Please put your name/September article in the subject line. Deadlines are strict and meeting them is vital to your average, please be on time. If you wish to include a picture, please attach it in the form of a jpg. Good luck!

I am looking forward to meeting you and having an enjoyable semester. If you have any questions, you may contact me at [email protected] please visit my website at ---oh, wait--you are already here!


If you are writing a review, quotes could be challenging. You would want to find someone you know who either saw the movie, went to the restaurant, or read the book. Maybe focus on a movie you saw with a friend - something not in theaters now. Ex. I am a Netflix Instant Play Junkie! I was sick last week and watched a bunch of movies from the 90's (Now and Then, Beetlejuice, Stand By Me, Stir of Echoes, River Wild...) and really enjoyed them. There is a whole list of movies people your age have never seen because you were too young to see them and when you were old enough there were too many new ones to see. It happens. Anyway, long story longer, watch a flick with some friends or pick an actor and watch a bunch with him/her in it.

Example: Leonardo DiCaprio

Got to: and look him up - you'll get a list of everything he's been in. pick a few old ones. (What's Eating Gilbert Grape is awesome)

Upcoming Assignments & Units

Journalists & Journalistics Styles:

Bob Woodruff: A journalist in a ar Zone.

Daniel Pearl: American Journalist Kidnapped & Executed by Terrorists

David Bloom: Giving his life for the story in a war zone.

Jayson Blair: All Lies Fit to Print. NY Times Editor Exposed for Plagiarism.

Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw: Hard Journalism

Matt Lauer, Barabara Walters, Ann Curry: Soft Journalism

Conspiracy Theories Fed by Irrisponsible Journalism---

Jules And Gideon: Two French Journalists and brothers following a rookie in the NYFD. What they caught on film on 9/11 is an astounding feat. Or is it? Were they planted to record it?

Editorial Political Cartoons: What are they poking fun at? Are they serious or just making fun of the oddities of the world's societal celebs?

eedition of the NY Times: Its resources are endless

Film/Photojournalism: Allowing pictures and film to speak for itself. (Food Inc., The Business of Being Born, Fareinheit 911, Sicko, Inconvenient Truth)

There is much more I wish to share with you in these short 20 weeks!

October 2010 Issue


Safe Halloween

Fall Festivals

Tailgating Recipes

Thanksgiving Yummies

to be continued....

November/December 2010

Holiday Issue:

Christmas Around the World

Holiday Shop

Jazz Concert

Holiday Fun: Dickens Festival, Theater Three, Tree Lighting, etc.

Challah-day Recipes!

Fall Sports Wrap up

more to come...!

December 2010-January 2011


Happy New Year!

The new year is a time of reflection, a time of planning, setting goals, and hope for a new year better than the last. It is a time we, as a citizen and a nation look back on our accomplishments, expectations not met, and things we should have done to make the world a better place. The new year offers us a clean slate of sorts. One where we are able to script our future. Sounds cliché, right?

What if we all became chronic do-gooders? What if everyone did their job as a student, worker, parent, professional, politician with the benefit of everyone in mind? What if people stopped littering? What if we saw each other for what we are, not what we wear or what we look like? If everyone made daily decisions based on what would yield a positive outcome? What would life be like then?

Writers and journalists around the world are busy recording their summative thoughts and opinions on the decade we all more than happily kissed goodbye. As a class, we will be easing into the new year by searching myriad online news sources to find such commentaries. Your first assignment of the new year (in addition to your articles) is to read four recently published pieces and write your own 500-700 word summative commentary on this decade. Considering most of you were in AMPS at the start of the decade, so you may need to conduct a search for events that shaped the decade.

A good place to start would be The New Yorker's Rebecca Mead on Why the 21st Century's First Decade Fails to Engender an Easy Nickname. In this account, she points out truths, fears, and questions that affect people from all walks of life. She begins with the fact that this decade began with a panic about the Y2K bug and the following year surprised us with something that shook us to the core. In a decade where there were more questions asked and left unanswered, one thing is for sure, we all feel a little dazed and confused.

January/February Issue will be submitted on January 22nd

Keep in mind this is your last issue and it is imperative to be attentive to due dates and deadlines. Daily quiz must also be completed as usual.


1. Decade in Review: Y2K scare, 9/11, Katrina, stock market crash, the war, ponzi schemes, health risks with products made in China, Health care reform, Yankees, Pakistan denies the Holocaust, release of Pan Am bomber, Abu Grabe, Guantanamo, Lisa/Laura Ling, Neda, bailouts, deaths, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Sully, H1N1, Jacey Dugard, reality TV idiots, steroids and professional athletes, Michael Vick, etc. See if you can find some good news.

APRIL!! Make a collage of the above + some positive images

2. A new generation of resolutions. What is realistic and what is ridiculous?

3. Cablevision, Time Warner Cable – who do they think they are?

4. Restaurant reviews – (PJ, MS, MP, RP, SWR) Alexandros, etc.

5. Library news, Book reviews, TV premieres

6. NYC 2010 – plays, exhibits, fun & free, eats, hidden jems, etc.

7. Movie blockbusters and disappointments (Chris adjust your article to be current)

8. Health Watch: Healthy food substitutes (ex. A good whole wheat pasta)

9. Yankee Franchise article/Varsity Basketball highlight (varsity team & coaches)

10. Ms. Lally Athletic Director of the year

11. Scholar Athletes

12. Tree at Rockafeller Center - why is the opposite of GOING GREEN??

13. Teacher Editorials: Let's see if anyone wants to write something for the paper!

14. Ms. Mangialmele--our new Dean Interview