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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


Welcome to Film Study: An Exploration in The Art of Film

I want to welcome you to the course and to wish you luck! Throughout the course we will be watching a variety of different types of films and I will try, whenever possible, to show films I think you will be able to relate to and enjoy. It is also very important that you watch as many films as possible in your own time; if you usually only watch romantic-comedies or horror films then try to watch a more varied selection of genres, as this will aid you in your studies and in the analysis of the films we will be studying.

Please try to remain organized, it will be hugely beneficial as well as required, to keep notes of all the films we watch in a film journal. This will help you recall details you when it comes to writing your critiques and analyses and reviewing for your quizzes and tests.

Lastly, if you start to fall behind or find any aspect of the course difficult then please do not hesitate to tell me as I am available for extra help and make-up sessions after school. Film Study is a subject we can all enjoy BUT it does also require a lot of work so it is important we make attendance and effort a priority.

The experience of watching, thinking and discussing films in a classroom setting can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you have in school. it offers you an opportunity to discuss actors, directors, genres, and plots you really connect with. In addition to its entertainment and aesthetic value, it allows the expression and evaluation of social, cultural, moral, political and ideological viewpoints.

My goal for you is to be able to view a film, not just watch a movie! At the close of the semester, you will see films in a whole new light! You will recognize techniques, identify directorial styles you are drawn to, and I wouldn't be surprised if you began looking at the bonus features in your DVDs. 

It's More Than Just Popcorn!

This semester Senior English elective is designed to introduce students to the history of filmmaking and acquaint students with a variety of film genres while also exposing students to stylistic innovations, narrative techniques, and cinematic terminology. The threefold purpose of the class allows students to become familiar with the interpretive language of film, cultivate the reading of film as text, and create critical arguments regarding the analysis of those texts.

This course is best suited for students who are familiar with writing and literary analysis for a variety of purposes. Students should be prepared to read texts and write compositions that reflect an understanding and interpretation of the films they have screened for class. They should likewise have access to video or DVD equipment in order to watch assigned films at home. Finally, students should possess a work ethic that enables them to satisfactorily complete the assigned readings, writings, and film screenings in a timely and successful manner.

Since students in this class will occasionally be required to screen R-rated films, parents of enrollees are asked to sign a permission form at the beginning of the school year, allowing their son/daughter to view these films within an educational context and under the supervision of the instructor.

General Student Objectives:

1. Using films and selected literary works, students will be able to analyze plot, point-of-view, characterization, setting, theme, and figurative language. They will sharpen skills in close reading by perceiving patterns in film as text, such as symbols, images, motifs, etc. (Reading)

2. Students will write both formally and informally through the completion of a journal notebook and several well-developed compositions, which demonstrate a mastery of process writing. They will sharpen skills in conventional grammatical usage, punctuation, and sentence structure. (Writing)

3. Students will gain familiarity with the latest computer software and programs. They will learn to use such technology as they research films and complete projects/assignments for class. (Problem Solving Through Technology)

4. Students will understand and appreciate the cultural factors inherent in filmmaking from a variety of eras and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. (Affective Domain)

5. Students will master good skills in discussion -- speaking and listening -- through the daily discussion of cinematic works and the completion of a series of group and individual presentations. (Oral Communications)

Film Viewing Requirements & Suggestions

Required (In-class) Screenings

Suggested (At home) Screenings

Last Of The Mohechians


North By Northwest

Kiss The Girls

Citizen Kane

The Shining

Shakespeare In Love

Legends of the Fall

Forest Gump

The Shawshank Redemption

 Rear Window

Raiders of the lost Ark


The Patriot

The Age of Innocence


The Fugitive

Full Metal Jacket