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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


English 10 Spring 2020

Lessons, Materials, Resources, etc.

Please note: Until we are ALL comfortable with Teams and are confident that all assignments are accessible, I will post ALL lessons and links here as well as on Teams.

Please READ entire message:

  • Every post will include the Goals, Reading/Video, Assignments, Due Date, and SUBMISSION* Format
  • Assignments MUST BE SUBMITTED* -NOT-emailed, texted in Remind
  • as a message or image, posted in class Chat, or direct messaged to me.
  • You MUST check our class Team EVERY morning to check for new messages and/or the day's assignments.
  • STAY ORGANIZED! Write your assignments (for ALL classes) in your agenda!


  • Attach a Word document to the Assignment in Assignment Tab
  • Open and respond on the document attached to an assignment
  • Post a response on a message board (if instructed to do so)
  • Complete a Quiz in Assignments
  • Complete a Castle Learning quiz/assignments.   

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: SAVE A WORD DOC ON YOUR DESKTOP. COPY & PASTE ANYTHING YOU SUBMIT. This is know how frustrating it is when you know you saved something, but you cannot find it.

Lessons, Links & Assignments

Friendship Qualities

Due 4/17


In the Word doc in the Teams Assignment Tab, write a paragraph or two, discuss the qualities you look for in a friend. Consider the following as you write your response: 

-Do opposites really attract?

-Do we have to like/love everything about someone in order to maintain a friendship?

-Do friends have to have everything/anything in common to be friends?

-Do friends have to see each other often to maintain a friendship?

-What causes friendships to evolve and change? -

How do people stay friends for 10, 20...or 70 years?! 

***Your NAME MUST be included with EVERY response.

Tuesday, 4/14                               Castle Learning

Assignment: Night Final Test (20 Questions) 100 Points

Thursday 4/9 Argument Writing: 1936 Berlin Olympics

Directions: Watch the three short videos The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936, and base your argument responses on the information in the film footage.

Topic: Should countries (and athletes), including the United States, have boycotted the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Assignment Document

Film Links:




Optional video and text source 

Monday 4/6 (2 Assignments)

Argument Writing: Holocaust Artwork

View Video Clip & Write a Response       Due 4/8 50 Points

Submit: Open attached document in Teams Assignment Tab

Assignment: In 1-2 paragraphs, discuss whether families who purchased paintings without knowing their origins be forced to return the works of art to the Jewish families and art galleries they were seized from during the Holocaust? Why or why not? Refer to the video clip in your paragraph as support.

A Girl and Her Duck           <-Best Story Ever!

Video: On the Road with Steve Hartman


>In your response, include something you wondered about while you watched. Maybe watch it again and notice things you may have missed the first time around. What can we learn about love and life and friendship from it?

For More stories by On the Road with Steve Hartman, Go to CBS Evening News and scroll down for miles and miles of heartwarming stories of all that is good in this world.

Wed. 4/1- Assignment Due: Film Review (Page 1 link below) Introduction paragraph only,