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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


College Research Part I

Follow these steps in order to conduct phase one of our College Search:

1. Click HERE to begin your search.

2A. IF--AND ONLY IF--you have ALREADY created a professional email and have registered for a CollegeBoard account, Sign In at the top of the page.

2B. IF YOU DID NOT complete step 2A - you will not be able to save your searches from today on CollegeBoard. **Be sure to take notes on dersired schools or save the URLs on a Word doc for future reference.

3. Refer to the back of the College Search Chart to find specific information to help you in your search and a breakdown of the CollegeBoard menus.

4. Your classwork grade for today is twofold: Participation/Effort and the completed chart of 5 possible college goals to strive for in the next 3 years!

Blank Slate!!! You can do it!!

une of Freshman Year College Research Part II

Your #1 PRIORITY is to prepare for the PSAT in the fall!

October 17th & 24th, 2020 (Saturday Dates)

For Information on SAT dates, fees, deadlines, and here

Goal for Today:

Review responses from September of Freshman Year College Research

we conducted in class so long, long ago. Seems like yesterday, huh? You were

just a wee one...comin' into the high school thinkin' you own the place...and

then (tire screech) you realize...

It all starts NOW...everything I do now and for the

next 585 CLASS days...until my college applications

are due...MATTERS!

Did you make 9th grade MATTER?

>Did you give all of your assignments 110% effort?

**Remember the grades earned in the 9th grade are part of your official high

school transcript. Don't believe the myth that colleges only look at grades

from your junior year...they look at the WHOLE picture.

>Did you build positive relationships with teachers who you may need to ask

for a Letter of Recommendation? BTW...You need a minimum of TWO from

your 9th, 10th or 11th grade teachers and one from your guidance counselor.

>Did you choose classes that will prepare you for your future path?

>Did you know colleges look for candiates who stick w/music and

foreign language for all 4 years?

>Did you participate in school extracurricular activities?

>Did you visit any college campuses with your parents?...YOU NEED TO ASK


>Did you participate in extracurricular school/community activities?

>Did you develop the habit of completing class assignments and homework

on time, and participating in class discussions and activities?

>Did you maintain good or excellent attendance?

If these questions were not still have time to right some wrongs.

Start today with this 100 Point 4th quarter assignment:

STEP 1: Log in to

(if you don't have your info...DO NOT waste time trying. You

will have to Search--> copy & paste to a word doc)

STEP 2: Review your College Search Part 1 document.

(If you handed it in, you'll get it back today)

Evaluate your 5 choices and determine if you need to adjust

your choices.

STEP 3: Complete the new college search chart.

(Click here-open-SAVE AS)

STEP 4: Calculate the total cost of your student loans. See Below.

What is due today? Nothing.

You need to make progress today.

You must save your research from today.

File Name= College Research Part 2

Student Loan (Amortization) Calculator (Click here)

1. You need to find the Tuition Price per year for your choice college.

2. Realistically, you won't be able to REALLY start paying back loans for

a few years after you graduate and land a job.

-->Enter 10 years as a starting point.

In reality...there are adults working for 15-20 years who are

still paying back student loans.

3. The average INTEREST RATE on a student loan is 7%. This is

generous, you'll probably pay more, but we don't want you traumatized,

so use 7%.


Before you tell me your parents are paying for college or you will get a

full ride, consider this...anything can happen. 

> Your scholarship needs to be upheld by you. If you get hurt and cannot

play or cannot meet the necessary GPA, you need to pay. If parents

cannot, for whatever reason, continue to pay, you need to pay.