Begin With The End In Mind

All lessons are designed with your child's "take away" in mind.

What do I intend for my students to focus on for the class period?

How can I allow them to see the value in everyday of their education?

Which skills do I want to help them improve upon?

How will I be able to see and measure their growth in these skills?

How can I help them to be independent learners?

How can my lessons prepare them for college level reading, thinking, and communicating?

It's a tall order!

Close Reading

Concept Vocabulary

Evidence Based Claims

College and Career Readiness

Slowing the Pace of Units of Instruction

Less Pieces of Literature, More Time Reading

Freshman and English classes have been honing their reading, analyzing, and application skills over the first weeks of school.

Please browse the links to see what they have been up to!

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